What Will Weddings Be like in 100 years?

//What Will Weddings Be like in 100 years?

Wedding is one of the most evolving industries as people celebrate their joys on this occasion. Previously, the wedding was a very simple and a homely affair, but slowly it is gaining great momentum  and people are now throwing lavish parties What will a wedding be like in 100 years? Read on.

People who are on the verge of getting married

Previously, people used to marry at a very young age. However, times have changed and now, people are getting married after settling in their jobs and career. The age continues to rise and in some cases we also find that people have babies before marriage. If this carries on, after 100 years we would find that people are getting married at an old age of 40 and above with their children as part of the occasion.

What would the wedding size be?

Previously weddings were a small and homely affair. Nowadays marriage has gone one step further and we find people celebrating their wedding in a grand and a lavish manner. Societal expectations have also increased and people are spending a great deal of money on weddings starting from dresses, ornaments, food and decorations. Nowadays people celebrate their weddings in a do it yourself fashion as well and this will slowly rise as time progresses.

This means that a wedding size might be really large after a hundred years. Cap Marquees hire Essex Is also slowly on the rise as they offer marquee service all over the country at an affordable price. They also have a team of well trained people who can overlook the whole event and would let you rest in peace. Many people also opt for smaller and homely weddings among close family and friends. You would find that many weddings have less number of guests.

What part would technology play in a wedding?

The role of technology is vast. People are now sending e cards via electronic mails as invitations. This helps to save cost, time and money. People are also wishing the bride and the groom, through emails. Within 100 years, it is likely that, technology would play a pivotal role in developing wedding invitations, wedding cards and RSVPs. You can also take the help of Cap Marquees hire Essex for well trained professionals who would make your wedding day memorable.

The wedding theme

Many couples are now searching for new and innovative wedding themes for their weddings. Gone are the days when people followed conventional rules and practices and religious rituals. 100 years down the line, people would celebrate theme weddings based on their favorite movies, characters or video games as well.

Wedding continues to change and it is developing with every new generation. They are thus likely to change in the coming years and who knows what will happen after a 100 years or so? Only time will say so. It is a technologically thriving world and weddings will definitely change by then.